woven cradles


Soul boats for life coming in.

The cradles are woven up with willow, beautiful woven vessels to hold new life. Watching a baby’s eyes dance across the surface of the weave, the light dappled on their tiny body as they rest and grow day by day is amazing.

How are we shaped by what surrounds us? The willow and the weave create a strong, protective, and storied space to inspire the possibility of human life growing in relationship with the earth and the beauty created by our hands.

 In this way, the cradles are also doorways to illuminate the choices we have as humans around birth, as makers, co-creators, supporters of beauty and a kind of gradual prayer for growth and transformation. Ordering up a cradle to be woven is stepping into a collaboration with me as a weaver and a relationship with the willow. Each cradle is unique in color, shape, and size.

I offer the cradles sliding scale from $400 - $1200.

Sliding scale is offered on the foundation of honesty and transparency. You and/or you and your community reflect on what you feel you are able to offer in exchange for the weaving rather than being based on brackets of income level. The willow is a teacher of abundance and I see supporting this work as supporting a network of abundance rather than scarcity. If $400 feels out of your range and you are feeling drawn to have one of these vessels in your life, please reach out, I would love to hear from you. .

Are you interested in bringing a woven cradle into your life?

Lets connect. Send an email to maureenbiome@gmail.com and introduce yourself.

I am currently willing to ship the cradles, but there will be an additional shipping cost ranging from $100 - $350 depending on how far the cradle ships from Washington.