How does weaving want to live in these times?

More weavers, more hands, more hearts. There is a memory of weaving within all of us, ancient wisdom of the body. Weaving cultivates strength and resilience, stirs creative possibilities, requires humble listening, and reminds one of the amazing work of the hands. I see weaving as a way to reclaim our birth right as humans for beauty and relationship to plants, seasons, cycles, and a life that is not solely reliant on consumption and exploitative, toxic industry.

Want to weave?

I offer a variety of willow weaving workshops, group and individual.

Group workshops usually include 5-8 participant weavers. They can be one or two days depending on the basket and the space available.

I have organized home-grown workshops with friends and communities and travel frequently to teach.

Want to host a workshop with a group in your community?  Lets connect. maureenbiome@gmail.com

I also offer individualized weaving intensives ranging from a couple of days or spread out over a few weeks. This opportunity is great for those who are just beginning weaving, looking to go deeper into the work, or simply would like to continue devoting more intentional time to their weaving work. Working one-on-one is a great way to learn! Please inquire if you are interested in a weaving intensive.